Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Negative Energy

I was recently troubled by incidents happenning in my department that I am working at. Last 2 weeks, a key member of the department and also a good collegue of mine decided to quit the job. Well, it took me by surprise at the moment, because she is an employee with good working attitude and willing to learn. Although it did make a bad day for me, thinking that it is such a big loss for the growth of the department, I did make peace with the fact that everybody has their own priority in life and it is common for anybody to work and quit, especially when you are still at a very young age.

However, things are not as simple as it is. 1 week after that, another one decided to quit and I can see several others start updating their resume. Following that, whispering among each other in the office, complaining about company's various policies, criticising about the future in the company, discussions about payroll, future development all started to arise, spreading like a plague and looking at all this, I was tremendously annoyed by that. Well, big deal, I am not the boss over here, but the fact that people just being unprofessional, to me, is way too unacceptable. Why do I say being unprofessional? Because people who decided to quit simply preaching about making exodus, making moves, asking people to reconsider. I am not saying making reconsideration is a bad idea, but influencing others to move, hey, thats too much. Can't you just be silent about it?

And the height of my frustration came to a peak when several promotions were arranged just to keep them in the job. Come on! What happen to people who worked equally hard? Do they get promotion as well? A sudden promotion. Give me a break, that just show that you can get promotion by threaten your boss to quit the job. Sometimes, people just don't understand that in a job, NOBODY is unreplacable. We are disposable, we are replacable, regardless how good your are, or how worthy you are in a company. At this point of time, I really wanted to say to them, "Hey, when are you leaving? Please leave as soon as possible & stop spreading negative energy" It kills working morale.

Maybe I am dissapointed by certain people that don't appreciate what the boss had treated them. I am fortunate to have a good boss, because he has plan for everyone to grow stronger more mature and more effective as an employee as well as an individual. He cares for everyone of us. I like my boss, because he is strong, he knows how to protect us from foreign attacks. Not only that, he is building a strong organization within his team. I shared his vision and I am willing to work towards building a strong organization. Maybe I am particularly dissapointed that some people, strong people, just don't share the vision. And this point of time, quiting of some key people just kill my enthusiasm.

Anyway, as I said, nobody is irreplacable or undisposable. I guess I will just have to work with a bunch of new guys, hopefully some day, this department will be the strongest in the company.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Office Politics

Recently I am wondering, can a person working in the office totally ignore office politics?

Basically, there are only 2 types of person in the office that is able to ignore politics totally:
1) People that don't even care about position, they just want to work and get paid at the end of the month
2) People who knows that their capability is already been recognized, that they knew clearly the company needs their existence

I recently involved in office politics I never intend to involve. I never really aware of it until suddenly I felt myself being too protective with every word I said, every inch of step I made and at the end of every working day, my whole body muscles were so tense up until the massage girl complained that my shoulder was too stiff to press. Only then I realized how impactful politics can affect my work, even during off-work times.

There is a chinese proverbs that sounds like this " We shouldn't stab people on the back, but we should always remember to prevent others from stabbing us on the back". Yeap, thats the proverb. I can really imagine my office is constantly fighting invisible war. If you observe carefully and be sensitive to everything, you would see a lot of invisible arrow flying towards your direction, or an invisible trap set up behind you. Trying to stay away from the arrow or trying to be observant enough not to fall into traps are really exhausting. Sometimes, unrealizingly, instead of trying to avoid being shot, you will start to shoot invinsible arrow towards others. which I am constantly trying to avoid.

Will learning how to dwell in office politics make you smarter? or will learning how to dwell in office politics push you up to the corporate ladder? Well, I am still wondering...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In the Beginning

This is not my first time involve in blogging. I had a previous blog, but due to unknown reason, the page was terminated. Anyhow, I personally find that blogging does help to release some tension especially when you just can't find people to share things with. So, after much considerations, I decided to find a new host and continue to blog.

Some people treat their blog as their daily diary, some people treat it as platform to scold people (because they can't do it in actual life) and some people just talk crab in their blog. As for me, I am treating it as a platform to jot down things that I learnt from my daily life. I used to hope, from my previous blog, that somebody will read it. I don't really know how the network works, but well, this time, I try not to tell my friends to read it, just see how many actually randomly pick up my page and read my blog. It would be interesting.

Oh yeah, I have a bad habit that I don't check what I had written. So, if there is any spelling mistakes or any grammatical mistakes, please bear with me :) And of course, I would be really happy if anyone who read this blog put down some comment, because I really love to know how many people can actually read my blog without me doing any publicity.

Since this is an introduction, I will make it short and brief. See you again.